Tuesday, March 31, 2009

War of the Ring

Like a lot GW gamers, I read the review on the new War of the Ring game. And I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the review. I haven't played Lord of the Rings in about 2 years, but this new rule set (on a larger scale) really sounds too tempting to ignore (I know, I lack focus). I stopped in to my local GW Battle Bunker yesterday and thumbed through the store copy and I really liked what I saw, so in anticipation of this weekend's release, I decided that I would begin yet another project. I chose the Kingdom of Rohan and bought a box of Riders of Rohan and a set of Cavalry Movement Trays. The cost was $31, which isn't too terribly expensive. The one box alone will give me three cavalry companies to begin with.

I like the Riders of Rohan because of the Scandanavian 'flavor' that they have as well as the variety of weaponry (spears, bows, swords) this army has in their arsenal. I've always been a fan of the nordic mythology and being an amateur history buff, I watched History Channel's show "Warriors" last week and wouldn't you know it, that episode was about viking raiders. It must be a sign.

So I look forward to Saturday's release of the game and I'll be jumping right in and starting my Rohan army tonight. Stay tuned.

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