Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WotR - Muster of Rohan

As I mentioned yesterday, I've started collecting a Rohan army for the new War of the Ring game. Last night I decided to take a break from my space marines (only a day or two) to get started on the Riders of Rohan. But not before I flew past the Bunker and bought a box of Warriors of Rohan and a pack of infantry movement trays.
With softball practice cancelled, the kids' homework finished and the wife at work, I thought I'd take advantage of the time and get started. I spent a couple of hours cleaning and assembling the whole unit. I assembled the horses and then glued the grass bits to the bases after I positioned the horse (didn't glue those guys yet). The next step was to clean and assemble the riders. Only one of five riders needed assembly (the spear arm needed to be glued to the torso).
The shields are seperate components that I'll paint before attaching, except for the two bowmen. I glued those two to the Rider as it will not hinder painting.

I test fitted all of the bases to the movement trays and they all fit beautifully. All in all, as painless an assembly as I've ever had. Over the weekend, I base and start priming these bad boys. One of the things that I like about the kit was that there were no left over bits, which means I won't have mountains of extra sprues piling up.


  1. I bought a LotRs kit once for D&D game. They're a really great value if you're looking for lots of minis at a decent price (especially considering how much the CMG D&D minis cost!). I was amazed at how much detail they managed to get on the models.

    Reminds me of the old 1/72 scale sets that I used play ancient battles with my dad.

    I've been tempted multiple times...but I can't justify another minis game! I've got too much plastic invested in 40k!

  2. great :D big warning though I used to have some riders of Rohan and the leg on the horse than connects to the base brakes so easily and I ended up with having to through them all a way, just a warning

  3. aahh, thanks for the heads up. if that happens, i'll just shoot the horse :D

  4. :P I actually loled when i read that... heh heh heh

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  6. Seems a shame they are prebuilt, no chance of conversions or playing around with poses!