Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ultraforge Resin Kits

Once again, I was unable to attend Adepticon due to other obligations. But thanks to a lot of those hobbyists and gamers who did attend, I have been spending a great deal of time surfing and taking in all of the great reviews and pics and videos. Thanks to one and all.

I did get to work on my Crimson Fists and I'll post pics of that soon, but one thing I saw at Adepticon were a couple of daemonic resin models from Ultraforge. These models are freakin' cool lookin' and would make excellent substitute for the more expensive Forgeworld kits. The Wardaemon above would make a great Daemon Prince (Khorne) for only about $79. Not too bad at all. I'm almost tempted. Aw who am I kiddin', I'll have one by Christmas.
How cool would my 2nd Company Crimson Fists look battling that thing?!


  1. Yeah, their stuff is sweet. Some guy in the Escalation tournament had their Treewoman and it looks very cool. I almost ordered one online when I got home.

    However, I've managed to stay sober and on target. No Treewoman. Not yet.

  2. The ultraforge models are very cool. Between the Plaguedaemons and Wardaemons (etc.)... they're almost too easy to translate in to the Warhammer settings...!