Monday, August 30, 2010

Sci Fi Couch Potato

I've noticed that there has been a lack of quality science fiction on television (or in the movies) of late. I think the last sci fi film that I saw was the most recent Predators. I'm a true sci fi fan in the sense, that I like almost everything that is sci fi related. So anyway, I've been jones-in' for some good sci fi, so I decided to start re-watching the Stargate Atlantis series. Now there was entertainment. I'm just sorry it only lasted five seasons. But I need to get my fix somehow, so I think I'll pull a late-nighter and watch a few episodes.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

White Dwarf 368

I stopped by my local GW store today to pick up my subscription of White Dwarf. As suspected, it's all about the Island of Blood. This month's battle report also features the new boxed set, so I can't wait to read that one. I was talking to the store manager today, discussing my plans for Warhammer Fantasy and I learned that October will see a new wave of High Elf miniatures, so be on the look out. While he wouldn't confirm, he mentioned to be on the look out for new Phoenix Guard and White Lions.

The work on my own High Elves continues with the painting of my HE Archers.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BA Bonus Post

I got a request to bring on more of my Blood Angels, so I'll do my best to accomodate any followers visiting my blog, so here's Brother-Sgt Sorin, commander of the 5th Tactical Squad, 2nd Battle Company.

I also got around to getting my Blood Angels Terminators assembled. Man, after the Space Hulk Terminators came out, even these cool standard models kind of lose their luster, but I tried adding a couple of BA bits to them as you can see with the Terminator Sergeant. If anyone out there has any other suggestions on how to dress these guys up a bit more, let me know.

High Elf Archer

One down and nine to go. I started painting my High Elf Archers and again, I'm not a big fan of the white "fru fru" colors, so I'm trying to go a little darker. Maybe stay within in that shadowy warriors of Nagarythe theme. These archers represent some of the rank and file troops of Nagarythe.

I was going to move to the spearmen next, but I ended up finding a regiment of archers that were already primed, so I figured that I might as well start there instead. I may still start on the Spearmen at the same time to break up the monotiny of painting virtually the same model over and over again, so you may see a spearman soon.

Hey, only a couple more weeks until Island of Blood releases, which I'll be pre-ordering this weekend. I've been checking GW's site regularly and I'm really starting to dig the Skaven on the Tale of Two Bloggers series.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's Time... go back to school. Those of you who are parents out there, know what I'm talking about. You've just about squeezed about as much fun out of the summer as you're going to and now the kids are bored, they're fighting about everything and just all around punchy. Our patience is wearing thin and now it's time to head back to school. Anyway, the kids were out of control yesterday and kept begging me to play some kind of board game with them. Well, I was not in the mood for my oldest daughter's 'Mall Madness' game, so I was able to talk her into a game of Space Hulk. So I broke out the game and she was hooked. She picked up the rules super fast so the second game went pretty quick, despite the fact that we didn't use the time for the space marines (I broke the damn thing the last time I played). Does anyone know what the actual time limit is for the Space Marines? I've got to get a replacement hourglass. I'm usually prett anal about my stuff, so I'm pissed that the timer's broke.

Ok, back on topic. My daughter ended up winning the game (Mission I). That's because I gave her a huge break (as seen in the picture). She held off the genestealers pretty well throughout, but she left her Heavy Flamer wide open to attack which would have cost her the game. But I figured that I'd be 'cool dad' and let that one go. We had a good time despite the outcome.

Oh well, only four more days until school. WHOOHOOO!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Okay, Just One More Blood Angel...

I couldn't help myself. I wanted to paint one more. I actually enjoyed painting them, now that I got the colors right (well, at least the way that I wanted them). This is another Tactical Marine from the same squad as the previous model.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Let's Do Some Blood Angels

I decided to take a break from the High Elves for a day and paint a space marine or two. So, I chose my Blood Angels. I wanted to give them a gritty, battleworn appearance. This particular model represents a battle brother of the 2nd Company (right shoulder), 5th Tactical Squad (right knee). The decals didn't go on perfectly like I was hoping, but from a distance on the gaming table, I suspect it will look okay. I still may go back with some orange and try some light highlighting later. Anyway, back to the High Elves.
Oh and Yay!! I now have 100 followers. Thanks to everyone for visiting Kantor Base. I will do my best to update regularly.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's All About the Elves - Warmachine Edition

Just a little side project. I'm hearing great stuff about Warmachine, so I thought I'd dabble in that a bit. It will be an intermittent side project, but I bought a couple of models, more specifically, the Retribution of Scyrah faction. I'm diggin' this faction, because, well they're elves. But anyway, here's the first model that I painted up...Adeptis Rahn Shyeel, warcaster. I used all GW colors, mostly because I don't own any of privateer press paints. But let me know what you think.

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's All About the Elves

I finished my High Elf Mage. This is a simple conversion that I made out of HE Archers, White Lion Chariot and plastic High Elf Mage kits. Super easy to make...and it's all plastic. This mage is schooled in the Lore of Fire, as represented by the orange sash.
So my characters for my 500 point army are done, so next up are my spearmen, I've got 10 of those bad boys.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Motivation

I am so stoked about the new starter set. Probably for the first time with Warhammer Fantasy. The new models are (even if they are 'newbie' models) are awesome. My only question is, will GW be producing plastic Swordmasters, Reavers, and LSG in the future or will this be the only way to get these? I mean 10 Swordmasters and 10 LSG are not enough, especially with the new horde rules.

But in any case, I'm using this set as a motivation for getting my first 500 points painted. I've got the Shadow Warriors and Archers primed and I'm almost done painting the mage, so progress is being made.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Noble - finished!

I finished paintin the Noble for my High Elves. I still have to base it, but wanted to get an update on the blog. No more long absences from me. No, sir. It's time to start spending time on things that I like doing. All of the models in this phase are built and ready for painting, so I am making progress.

I used all GW colors for this model and solved the 'rank up' dilemma by putting him on a diagonal slotta base instead of a straight one. I just primed my High Elf Mage, so I'll have that one up soon.

Since I haven't played Fantasy in seveal years, I'm going to have to learn all over again. So here's how I'm going to go about it. I started reading the new 8th Edition rules and I'm assembling an opposing test army comprised of a couple of regiments of Chaos Warriors and a hero. I can use that to run through my own in-house demos to get the mechanics down. Like I said, it's been a while, so stay tuned for questions that I mayhave.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

High Elves...Phase I

Wow! Posts two days in a row. So as I mentioned yesterday, I'm jumping into 8th Edition with High Elves. I chose High Elves for a few reasons, first and foremost - I just think elves are cool. I always have. Second, the new Starter set is just too awesome to pass up (still don't know how I'm going to come up with the cash for that) and I've got to have one. Third and finally, I already have enough models to at least get started. I think I'm going to build this one Escalation style, meaning 500 points at a time. So here's what I have so far for the first round:

Noble w/ hvy armor, shield

10 Spearmen w/ full cmd
10 Archers

5 Shadow Warriors

Total = 496

Warhammer 8th Edition

So yeah, the new 8th edition rulebook has been released and I was able to thumb through it while on vacation a couple of weeks ago and to say that I am impressed would be an understatement. Couple that with the new Island of Blood starter set (with plastic Griffons, Swordmasters and High Elf Ellyrian Reavers) has put me on the road to Fantasy.

I'm resurrecting my High Elves in honor of the new edition and I'm going to build the army escalation style (500 points at a time). Besides it's been some tim since I've actually played fantasy, I figure now would be a good time.