Wednesday, August 4, 2010

High Elves...Phase I

Wow! Posts two days in a row. So as I mentioned yesterday, I'm jumping into 8th Edition with High Elves. I chose High Elves for a few reasons, first and foremost - I just think elves are cool. I always have. Second, the new Starter set is just too awesome to pass up (still don't know how I'm going to come up with the cash for that) and I've got to have one. Third and finally, I already have enough models to at least get started. I think I'm going to build this one Escalation style, meaning 500 points at a time. So here's what I have so far for the first round:

Noble w/ hvy armor, shield

10 Spearmen w/ full cmd
10 Archers

5 Shadow Warriors

Total = 496

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