Thursday, August 19, 2010

Let's Do Some Blood Angels

I decided to take a break from the High Elves for a day and paint a space marine or two. So, I chose my Blood Angels. I wanted to give them a gritty, battleworn appearance. This particular model represents a battle brother of the 2nd Company (right shoulder), 5th Tactical Squad (right knee). The decals didn't go on perfectly like I was hoping, but from a distance on the gaming table, I suspect it will look okay. I still may go back with some orange and try some light highlighting later. Anyway, back to the High Elves.
Oh and Yay!! I now have 100 followers. Thanks to everyone for visiting Kantor Base. I will do my best to update regularly.


  1. Up close, this model looks really good. The shading on the red is very smooth and separates the armor plates nicely. I might worry, however, about how well it will show up across the table.

    As you said, maybe some orange highlights here and there. You can also put on a wash of Baal Red if the highlights get too orange.

  2. Hammer,
    It looks good, I had to zoom to see anything Wienas was commenting on. The shade of red you've used is more 'realistic' and less comicbook if you know what i mean.

    Looking forward to seeing your Sang Guard...