Monday, August 30, 2010

Sci Fi Couch Potato

I've noticed that there has been a lack of quality science fiction on television (or in the movies) of late. I think the last sci fi film that I saw was the most recent Predators. I'm a true sci fi fan in the sense, that I like almost everything that is sci fi related. So anyway, I've been jones-in' for some good sci fi, so I decided to start re-watching the Stargate Atlantis series. Now there was entertainment. I'm just sorry it only lasted five seasons. But I need to get my fix somehow, so I think I'll pull a late-nighter and watch a few episodes.


  1. Atlantis was a great show. I miss Babylon 5 and Farscape too. Not much out there these days but Vampires. The last scifi film I saw was Avatar, which I really did not like. Was I the only guy hoping the humans would wipe out the Giant Smurf Elves? Everyone was teared up over the "9/11 falling tree" and poor flowers being singed. I guess I kept hoping the Space Marines would show up or something. Anyhoo, I really wish I was able to catch the recent film MOON (hard sci fi link provided) Looked like a cool mindbender. Can't really think of anything else I have seen that looks interesting. Guess I pop in a Cowboy Bebop dvd and just chill.

  2. Good point. Way too much vampire stuff goin' on. A nice re-make of Space 1999 would do me good about now. Yeah, I saw Avatar and I was disappointed by all of the hype. I wanted the humans to win too.

  3. I'm with you Hammer! Where are all the spaceships and pew-pew lazerguns?

    I've taken to watching Robotech on netflex instant download to get my sci-fi space combat fix for now, while Warehouse 13 and Eureka give me a little taste of sci-fi fun.

    Television runs on a crazy cycle I'm betting after the glut of Vampire tv shows, we're going to see a return to some Stronger sci-fi genre shows. We got a taste of the future with BSG and with the popularity of all things "nerdy", we're due for some spaceships and lazerguns.

    I'm betting in 2 seasons we'll see some shows again!

  4. Seasons 1-5 of Atlantis, Robotech (as Clay mentioned), Doctor Who, and Babylon 5 have all been appearing on Netflix Instant play recently. Mix in shows like Warehouse 13 thanks to Zune and a variety of other anime and my Sci-fi kick has been filled pretty well recently.

    I agree that the quality of Sci-fi movies has really dropped of late but hopefully some fun will come our way sooner or later. That reminds me District 9 is on netflix too.