Monday, August 9, 2010

My Motivation

I am so stoked about the new starter set. Probably for the first time with Warhammer Fantasy. The new models are (even if they are 'newbie' models) are awesome. My only question is, will GW be producing plastic Swordmasters, Reavers, and LSG in the future or will this be the only way to get these? I mean 10 Swordmasters and 10 LSG are not enough, especially with the new horde rules.

But in any case, I'm using this set as a motivation for getting my first 500 points painted. I've got the Shadow Warriors and Archers primed and I'm almost done painting the mage, so progress is being made.


  1. A good way if you want to play High Elves is to find someone who wants to play Skaven. Buy a box each and trade. Then you'll already have 20 Swordmasters and 20 LSG :)
    In addition, I'm pretty sure ebay will get swamped with miniatures from the starter set, it was the same with the 40K Black Reach set.

  2. Ditto what Falk said. I expect there to be a lot of demand for the various parts in the box set. Skaven players will always need more models for the hoard & the pocket rule book should be picked up by everyone.

    I recall the 6th ed box set plastics being sold separately by GW - but I don't think the 7th ed plastics were released independently.

  3. I suspect we will know more soon, probably after the US Games Day. GW announce that High Elves would be getting some new Plastic Boxed sets in October and a friend of mine recently tried to order some Phoenix Guard minis from the GW website and was told they were out of stock and not available.

    Could be one of the new boxsets. I would suspect they will be releasing something for the Swordmaster and the LSG as well.