Friday, April 2, 2010

Vampire Hunter Friday

Oh, I almost forgot.

So GW's shipping process sucks....

As I may have mentioned, I pre-ordered the new BA codex. I did that for a few reasons. First, I'm a space marine junkie in all of their forms so I'll collect the codex. Second, I was really looking forward to having this book seeing as how the BA haven't gotten enough attention in quite some time (I thought the WD Codex was about as lame as you can get). Finally, I thought that I'd get it a day early (worse case scenario). Well it's late Friday night and I never received the codex which I ordered on March 8th. So I've got two options: a) wake my ass up and drive over the nearest GW store in the morning and buy a copy and send the other one back when it gets here or b) wait until the one I ordered arrives. If I go with option b - I've gotten a boring weekend in store and I don't think I can handle an Easter at my in-laws without some form of, it looks like I better set the alarm.

Tonight's the premiere of Stargate Universe, so I'll check that out and hit the sack. Man, I'm pissed. Stupid GW.