Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hmmm....Very Interesting.....

This new Storm of Magic expansion has grabbing my interest. Finally, some ass-kickin' monster models - in plastic. The Chaos Lord on Manticore looks bad ass! So does the Dark Elf Lord on Dragon. Hmmmm. I'm feeling the tug of WFB getting stronger and stronger....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Just want to wish my dad a Happy Father's've always been my hero. Love you, Dad.

A happy Father's Day to all of you dads out there. It's a tough job, but it's the best job I've ever had. Enjoy the day and God Bless.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stuff I'm Working On...

Not too long ago, I tried organizing my work area and was shocked at how many projects I had started and never completed (or in some cases, never started). So I decided to try and put some of my free time to use and get some things assembled, painted and possibly sold.

The last few days have been split between the new Grey Knights and Imperial Fists. Pardon the crappy resolution. The batteries on the camera died and my wife's iPod was close at hand. Bad idea. Anyway, the Grey Knights are part of a 1250 list that I created when the new codex was released and the Imperial Fists were out of a desire to start a codex chapter that was vanilla, but not the goody, goody boy scouts that the Ultramarines are.

I'm also jumping on my High Elves and I have my eye on a Tomb Kings project as well. More to come.

Monday, June 13, 2011

40k Book Review - Horus Heresy

In an effort to inspire my kids to read more, I spent considerable time over the last few weeks trying to catch up on the ridiculously tall stack of books that I have accumulated over the last year. I recently finished two of the Horus Heresy books: Legion by Dan Abnett and The Battle For The Abyss by Ben Counter. I was a bit disappointed in both stories, to be honest. I struggled to maintain my interest in Legion, finding the book to be somewhat dull and not nearly enough action. The story focuses on the Night Legion, one of the Traitor Legions. I was hoping for some epic battles, but it was more (to me, at least) of an uninteresting political novel.

Battle For The Abyss was a tad better, with a little more combat than the previous book, but I had some difficulty keeping some of the characters straight. I also expected to see a bit more of the Ultramarines featured in this book, but again, I was disappointed.

This series started off well, but it seems to have wavered somewhat. I will continue to read the series and finish it, because I don't like leaving books unfinished (weird, I know), but I've just picked up the new Space Marine Battles Novel, Battle of the Fang by Chris Wraight. I hear this one's pretty awesome.