Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stuff I'm Working On...

Not too long ago, I tried organizing my work area and was shocked at how many projects I had started and never completed (or in some cases, never started). So I decided to try and put some of my free time to use and get some things assembled, painted and possibly sold.

The last few days have been split between the new Grey Knights and Imperial Fists. Pardon the crappy resolution. The batteries on the camera died and my wife's iPod was close at hand. Bad idea. Anyway, the Grey Knights are part of a 1250 list that I created when the new codex was released and the Imperial Fists were out of a desire to start a codex chapter that was vanilla, but not the goody, goody boy scouts that the Ultramarines are.

I'm also jumping on my High Elves and I have my eye on a Tomb Kings project as well. More to come.


  1. I had the same problem, In fact I never finished a army in 18 years. So I sold all of my minis that I was sure I wouldn't paint in the near future. with that money I started to buy the minis from AE Bounty. The best thing I ever did because each miniature is different from the other. No more armies for me.

  2. Every so often I have a clearout of all the stuff crammed into the garage, shed, attic, under the stairs etc. EBay.........

  3. Imperial Fists? Hell yeah!
    Look forward to updates.