Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't Laugh

So last night while I was working on my Crimson Fists squads, I decided to try to finish assembling one of the Death Korps. models. After toiling with super glue and cutting myself numberous times AND gluing my fingers together on at least four occasions, I have grudgingly decided to lay that little project aside for the time being. First, I don't think anything you do for enjoyment should be that frustrating. Second, all things considered - the Death Korps. as cool as they look, are going to be very, very expensive to collect. With that said, I haven't given up on collecting an IG support element to run along side my space marines. With the impending release of the new Imperial Guard Codex and the sizeable box of IG models that I have in my basement, I thought that it would be more cost effective to work with what I've got.

The new plastic Valkyrie is also a nice motivation. So...I'm putting the Death Korps. on hold...for now...and going with standard IG.

Happy Friday!

Buffy. Sexy. 'Nuff said.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I did it

Okay, I did it. I broke down and got sucked into it like a wounded Guardsman in the Eye of Terror. I picked up a Lizardmen Battalion and a Stegadon. I'm sorry, but the models are just too awesome. But one of my lenten promises is to stay on task. So I will continue to work on my Crimson Fists. I'll just allocate a day for each project. I need to train myself to spend more time on each army. Maybe I can do commissions part time for extra cash.

Anyway, here's what I've got so far:

1 Skink Priest (found it in one of my drawers)
20 Saurus Warriors
12 Skinks
8 Cold One Cavalry
10 Temple Guard
2 Kroxigors (the new one are huge)
1 Stegadon

What should I get next? I really want that Kro'gar model. That Carnosaur rocks. But I think that I can use more skinks and a maybe a Mage-Priest.

How To Paint Crimson Fist Space Marines

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I found a better way (at least for me that is) to paint my Crimson Fist models. The previous way involved me mixing colors. Something, I CANNOT stand doing for a variety of reasons, least of which is laziness. I used the steps below on a test model and I was pretty happy with the result. I found this on the internet and the site name escapes me, but I thank whoever it was and that came up with this simple process. I invite whoever that is to step and accept a hearty 'Kudos' from the Hammer.


1 - Clean and assemble models.
2 - Glue sand to the tops of the bases.
3 - Spray with Krylon Flat Black Primer. Dries in 15 minutes and it’s about $6 cheaper than GW stuff.

Blue (armour)
1 - Start with a basecoat of Necron Abyss.
2 - Then liberally highlight with Regal Blue. Be sure to cover all edges while doing this. I covered abut a third of the blue armour in this stage.
3 - Carefully pick out all the edges with Ultramarines Blue.
4 - Pick out the most pronounced edges with Space Wolves Grey.
5 - Wash all over the blue areas with Asurmen Blue.

Crimson (armour, purity seals, lenses, squad/chapter markings)
1 - Start with a basecoat of Mechrite Red.
2 - Carefully pick out the edges with Blood Red.
3 - Wash with Gryphonne Sepia

Khaki (cloth, leather, parchment)
1 - Basecoat with Khemri Brown.
2 - Highlight with Kommando Khaki, leaving the previous colour only in the recesses.
3 - Make small highlights with Bleached bone.
4 - Wash with Delvan Mud.

Black (weapon casings, hair)
1 - Basecoat with Chaos Black.
2 - Liberally highlight with Adeptus Battlegrey.
3 - Carefully pick out the edges with Codex Grey.
4 - Pick out raised edges with Fortress Grey.
5 - Wash with Badab Black.

Metal (weapons, chest eagle, decorative elements)
1 - Basecoat with Boltgun Metal.
2 - Liberally highlight with Chainmail
3 - Pick out raised edges and wing tips with Mithral Silver
4 - Wash with Badab Black.
5 - Lightly Drybrush blades with Mithral Silver


1 - Basecoat with Dark Flesh
2 - Highlight with Tarllan Flesh, leaving the previous colour only visible in the recesses.
3 - Make small highlights with Elf Flesh, focusing on nose, eyebrow ridges etc.
4 - Make tiny highlights with Bleached Bone.
5 - Wash with Ogryn Flesh.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Death Korps of Krieg - 137th Infantry Regiment

While surfing the net I stumbled across a very cool blog, 261st Death Korps. of Krieg. I thought that these were by far some of the coolest looking models in the game. Of course, being resin kits from Forgeworld would make them expensive, but amazingly detailed. I pulled out my copy of Siege of Vraks - Part 1 and was soon hooked. I liked the look and flavor of this Imperial Guard army, so I'm going to collect a small force (because at $65 a squad, that's all I can afford) to add to my 40k collections.

Kantor Assembled

Sorry for the recent inactivity. Got violently ill on Saturday night after my daughter's volleyball game. Threw up for about 6 hours - not pretty. Anyway, I'm better now, so I got back to work on the army. I finished assembling the new version of Master Pedro Kantor and I've since sprayed him with some primer.

I found a 'How to Paint Crimson Fist' tutorial on the internet that I feel works better and looks better, so I"m going with that moving forward. With this new found inspiration, I'll be cranking out units in no time.

I also decided to add some support units to my Crimson Fist force in the form of a Death Korps of Krieg Regiment. So I'll post something on that momentarily.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kantor 2.0

Okay, so I was inspecting the work on my Kantor model and I couldn't help but feel that there was something missing. Then it hit me. He's the master of the entire Crimson Fist chapter. He should be bigger than life, right? So I swung by the Chicago Battle Bunker and picked up another Pedro Kantor. Yep, I'm going to re-do the model. The wife and kids went out for the night, so I spent a couple of hours working on the second version.

This time around, I'll be putting him on a 40mm base and I'll be dressing that up with some of the Resin bits from GW's Basing Kit. Here's what I've got so far.

Oh Yeah, It's Friday!

By far, the sexiest Star Trek chick...ever! That's just HOT!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Raptors...Should I stay or should I go?

Here are some pics of an old project that I had been working on. Me being the Space Marine nut that I am, I had collected a Raptor Legion army about a year and a half ago, before I got busy doing other things. Hence this blog to keep me focused on a single project at a time. But due to the lack of updates for my CF, I thought I'd throw up some of the Raptors that I had painted.
I swear, this grown up stuff really puts a damper on my 40k fun. I have not had one minute to work on my Fists.
  • Monday - had volleyball practice for my daughter's team
  • Tuesday - volleyball game for my daughter's team
  • Wednesday - softball meeting for my daughter's upcoming season
  • Thursday (today) - went to pick up the new car with the Mrs.

What I have to do is treat this like a part-time job. I have to put in a minimum number of hours per week or I'll never finish this. Oh and by the way, the Raptors will not distract me from my Crimson Fists. So far, I'm staying on task (if a bit slow). But the new WFB Lizardmen are looking very cool...NO!...Must...resist...temptation....


Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Friday, Another Sci-fi Hot Chick

Crap, I almost forgot that it was Friday. Well, you know what that means....

This week is Tricia Helfer, from Sci-fi's Battlestar Galactica. It really sucks that they're about half a dozen episodes left.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Master Kantor Update

I finished painting Chapter Master Kantor. I decided after much consideration, to remove the banner. Okay, okay - it was part laziness (didn't feel like painting it) and partly to mimic the model in "A Tale of Four Gamers".

But anyway, here's a shot of the model without the basing. I'll finish that over the next couple of days. I've got a couple of touch ups on the lenses and the gemstones, but he's pretty much done. This model was a definite challenge due to all of the heraldry.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

IG News...I think

My buddy, John over at Plastic Legions posted a pic of the new Plastic Imperial Guard Valkyrie. Oh, man. This is the kind of thing that distracts me from a project. Although, my fledgling CF collection could use a few support units from the Guard. I am definitely picking up one of these.

Details, Details

This is a minor update with no pics, but I should have something by tomorrow. I spent some time working on the 5-man tactical squad and Squad II's Rhino, now I just need to finish the detail paint and decals. I'm 90% finished with Kantor's paint work, just need to do the banner. That model with all of the heraldry and honours was a real challenge. I'm still not completely satisfied with how I did with that model, but I'll let you folks be the judge. I'll post pics tomorrow night. The second Rhino is nearly done. Just needs decals and the tactical arrow painted on the top hatch.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hoowah! It's Friday Again!

Okay, folks - the lovely Anna Torv graces Kantor Base with her presence. Australian born actress on Fox's new show, Fringe. Great show check it out.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Strike Force Kantor

As promised, a day early I might add, here's a shot of my 1,000 point Crimson Fist army. Obviously I have some painting to do which I have made plans this weekend to do. The image is crappy due to poor lighting in my work area in the basement. I'll get better shots as the force is completed.

Tomorrow, I promise...

The last time I touched my Crimson Fists was Saturday. I finally finished painting the bases on Squad Ramos and I have started painting the second Rhino as well as the 5-man Tac Squad, but that's all. Coaching my daughter's volleyball team and helping all of the kids with their homework is really cutting into my 40k time. As I mentioned a while back I do have an assembled 1k CF army that I can put on the table, so if anyone in the Chicago area is looking for a game, I'm ready.

I'll post a pic of my fully assembled army tomorrow. I promise. But I won't add any more until these are painted.