Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't Laugh

So last night while I was working on my Crimson Fists squads, I decided to try to finish assembling one of the Death Korps. models. After toiling with super glue and cutting myself numberous times AND gluing my fingers together on at least four occasions, I have grudgingly decided to lay that little project aside for the time being. First, I don't think anything you do for enjoyment should be that frustrating. Second, all things considered - the Death Korps. as cool as they look, are going to be very, very expensive to collect. With that said, I haven't given up on collecting an IG support element to run along side my space marines. With the impending release of the new Imperial Guard Codex and the sizeable box of IG models that I have in my basement, I thought that it would be more cost effective to work with what I've got.

The new plastic Valkyrie is also a nice motivation. So...I'm putting the Death Korps. on hold...for now...and going with standard IG.


  1. nelson voiceHA HA/nelson voice

    In all seriousness though, have you tried rinsing the resin with soapy water? Get's rid of the casting scum.

  2. Yes. The cleaning isn't the challenge for me. It's the teeny, tiny parts and the slim barrels of the lasguns. They're pretty brittle, and I'm worried that they'll break when I scrub them.

  3. Surely it's a sign from the Emperor that its the Crimson Fists that need the Hammer's "delicate" touch. :)