Thursday, February 19, 2009

Raptors...Should I stay or should I go?

Here are some pics of an old project that I had been working on. Me being the Space Marine nut that I am, I had collected a Raptor Legion army about a year and a half ago, before I got busy doing other things. Hence this blog to keep me focused on a single project at a time. But due to the lack of updates for my CF, I thought I'd throw up some of the Raptors that I had painted.
I swear, this grown up stuff really puts a damper on my 40k fun. I have not had one minute to work on my Fists.
  • Monday - had volleyball practice for my daughter's team
  • Tuesday - volleyball game for my daughter's team
  • Wednesday - softball meeting for my daughter's upcoming season
  • Thursday (today) - went to pick up the new car with the Mrs.

What I have to do is treat this like a part-time job. I have to put in a minimum number of hours per week or I'll never finish this. Oh and by the way, the Raptors will not distract me from my Crimson Fists. So far, I'm staying on task (if a bit slow). But the new WFB Lizardmen are looking very cool...NO!...Must...resist...temptation....



  1. I completely empathize: those lizardmen do look very cool....

  2. Don't get me started with the real life thing. 2 weeks to clean, assemble, base and undercoat a single squad of Grey Hunters. At this rate I may be able to field an army by 6th Edition

  3. I think myself and Andy from Eagles View would say keep at it! Be sure to use the same campaign badge for both chapters so they tie together.

  4. I hear ya, bG - Good Luck with that.

    natsirtm - matching campaign badges - BRILLIANT!! I was going to finish the Raptors and sell 'em, but now.....

    I broke down and bought a stegadon.