Thursday, February 26, 2009

How To Paint Crimson Fist Space Marines

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I found a better way (at least for me that is) to paint my Crimson Fist models. The previous way involved me mixing colors. Something, I CANNOT stand doing for a variety of reasons, least of which is laziness. I used the steps below on a test model and I was pretty happy with the result. I found this on the internet and the site name escapes me, but I thank whoever it was and that came up with this simple process. I invite whoever that is to step and accept a hearty 'Kudos' from the Hammer.


1 - Clean and assemble models.
2 - Glue sand to the tops of the bases.
3 - Spray with Krylon Flat Black Primer. Dries in 15 minutes and it’s about $6 cheaper than GW stuff.

Blue (armour)
1 - Start with a basecoat of Necron Abyss.
2 - Then liberally highlight with Regal Blue. Be sure to cover all edges while doing this. I covered abut a third of the blue armour in this stage.
3 - Carefully pick out all the edges with Ultramarines Blue.
4 - Pick out the most pronounced edges with Space Wolves Grey.
5 - Wash all over the blue areas with Asurmen Blue.

Crimson (armour, purity seals, lenses, squad/chapter markings)
1 - Start with a basecoat of Mechrite Red.
2 - Carefully pick out the edges with Blood Red.
3 - Wash with Gryphonne Sepia

Khaki (cloth, leather, parchment)
1 - Basecoat with Khemri Brown.
2 - Highlight with Kommando Khaki, leaving the previous colour only in the recesses.
3 - Make small highlights with Bleached bone.
4 - Wash with Delvan Mud.

Black (weapon casings, hair)
1 - Basecoat with Chaos Black.
2 - Liberally highlight with Adeptus Battlegrey.
3 - Carefully pick out the edges with Codex Grey.
4 - Pick out raised edges with Fortress Grey.
5 - Wash with Badab Black.

Metal (weapons, chest eagle, decorative elements)
1 - Basecoat with Boltgun Metal.
2 - Liberally highlight with Chainmail
3 - Pick out raised edges and wing tips with Mithral Silver
4 - Wash with Badab Black.
5 - Lightly Drybrush blades with Mithral Silver


1 - Basecoat with Dark Flesh
2 - Highlight with Tarllan Flesh, leaving the previous colour only visible in the recesses.
3 - Make small highlights with Elf Flesh, focusing on nose, eyebrow ridges etc.
4 - Make tiny highlights with Bleached Bone.
5 - Wash with Ogryn Flesh.


  1. I love when a painting list is that simple! I did the same (create a list) when I started to paint my Crimson Fists and I found it so relaxing to follow the list!

    In fact, when I didn't have the list handy cause I was too lazy to find it, I found that it really slowed down my painting! I had to go back, find the paints, try to remember etc.

    I can't wait to see your next model painted with this method! I think my Crimson Fists tend to be on the lighter-side since I went with a Mordian Blue basecoat/Ultramarine Highlight on the edges (so no extreme highlight). I recently finished up my Terminator Captain and I'm pretty happy with him.

  2. Did you try the Asurmen Blue wash to darken it? The GW washes - best paint product they've produced in a long time. Did you post the Termie captain?

  3. Where are the pics?
    I demand to see pictures of this masterpiece!

  4. I can safely say, you'll never see a masterpiece out of me.

  5. Hammer,
    Yah. My termie captain is on page 4 or 5 of that forum link in my profile. Also includes my Sternguard Veteran w/ Powerfist that I'm using as a Sgt in Tac Squad 3. And 2 Rhinos (Rhinoes? Rhini?)

    I didn't try the Asurman Blue wash...I thought it looked lighter than my paintjob. I'll have to give a try on a test model! I used the washes on Faces and Cloths though and they rock!

    I think you've inspired me to start my own blog...this way we can exchange pictures for encouragement! I've shifted to a LRC and I'm working on terrain for my table now!

  6. I saw the Termie - looks awesome! And I saw the Sternguard model. That one's my favorite out of the bunch. Good luck on the LRC, I'm going to pick one of those up when I expand the list. Thank God they're plastic now.

    Let me know when the blog's up.

  7. Gods. I have an old metal one I picked up on ebay at a massive discount ages ago. The two metal hurricane bolter sets were total nightmares.

    Thanks for compliments and checking my pics out. I'll let you know when the blog goes up.

  8. I'd love to see pics also, but it looks like a winning formula. Thanks to the person who came up with it and thanks to you Hammer for posting it.

  9. Thanks for this, it's going to make getting back into painting after a long long break a lot easier.

  10. because of the new paints range, necron abyss and regal blue have the same colour conversion, what colour would you recommend instead of regal blue?