Monday, March 2, 2009

Of Space Marines and Lizardmen...

It was a rough weekend. All three kids were sick with flu and fever, so I spent my entire weekend checking temperatures, spooning Children's Motrin and pouring chicken soup. But the good news is...I got to go back to work today to get some rest.

I did spend the wee, wee hours of the morning painting and assembling. I started putting together my lizardmen models. This being my timid return to fantasy after being absent for some time (except for that High Elf game against, my buddy John last year), I didn't want to pour through a book and structure a list. So I just dove right in and starting building stuff and was going for volume. I got ten skinks built then called it a night on Saturday. Yesterday I sat down to assemble my Kroxigors foolishly thinking that it would be a snap, everything dry fit nicely - except for the arms. What a pain in the ass. That took the whole day. That's why I hate working with metal models.

On to the Crimson Fists. I set to work painting my space marines and I have found the new paint instructions much easier and quicker. I abandoned the metal shoulder guard concept for the most part. Although I still have a few left, I thought that I'd try the decals. My first two attempts were pretty aggravating. I was using Microsol, but still not getting the result that I wanted. I finally decided to find a nice pair of sharp Fiskar scissors and trimmed along the line as close as humanly possible. This seemed to help matters a great deal. I took some pics of the models, but I forgot the memory card at home, so I'll post 'em tonight.

Oh, and I altered the army 1k list a bit in order to fit a dreadnought into the first phase of the project.


  1. I got drawn back into fantasy myself too. When I jumped back into GW several months ago - I said to myself I'd focus on 40K (as it was the 40K novels that sparked the jump)

    Was mostly successful, until our LGS started plans for a Tale of 4 Gamers for fantasy (I won the 40K one - and had so much fun I had to join the WHFB edition)

    Another reason I stayed away from fantasy is nothing really took my fancy. However I had this idea of mounting LOTR models on washers and magnetizing bases so I could use them in both games. I now have a ton of goblins, and more stuff incoming. There goes that resolution ;)

  2. Progress in the hobby is always a good thing..especially when dealing with metal models. All that pinning and crazy glue drives me crazy.

    Can't wait to see those Crimson Fists go up! I had much trouble with the transfers as much that I stopped putting them on my models. All my tacts have no insignia!

    What is this Microsol you speak of?

  3. Microsol is a solvent that you can get at any hobby store. But it supposedly helps decals adhere to irregular shaped surfaces like a SM shoulder guard. It does work pretty well, but you have to let it evaporate on it's own.

    Apply 'ardcoat to the surface of the model and let dry. Apply the decal as usual. Dab off excess water and then brush on some microsol. Finally seal the model with sealer. The 'ardcoat hides the transfer edge very well.