Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy Weekend (non40k)

Sorry all, I was much too busy this weekend to lay any hands on my Crimson Fists. Saturday we spent about 8 hours at a volleyball tournament and yesterday we were celebrating our Irish heritage at Chicago's Southside Irish Parade (my other daughter's Irish Dance Troupe was in the parade).

Anyway, I did check out BoLS and they found some pretty exciting stuff. Rumors of possible plastic Grey Knights? Who knows, but if that happens, I'll have some great bits for my space marines. The boys over at BoLS came across probably the coolest GK art I've ever seen. Enjoy.


  1. The idea of plastic bits of GKs has me all excited for both my Crimson Fists and my Dark Angels. It's one of the rumors that seem too good to be true though…like plastic Greatcoat Imperial Guard.

    You know what I would love? A plastic upgrade kit for the Fists. I mean, you can cover both the Crimson Fists and Imperial Fists….and whatever other Fists are out there. GW would make a mint (I think) if they considered offering supplimental Marine upgrade packs similar to the DA or BT packs!

    ZOMG! What if the GK ones are exactly that? An upgrade kits for plastics? That would be awesome!

  2. Agreed. They need to drop the price on upgrade kits, though. $35 for bits?!

    Hey - they made a plastic Valkyrie, so anything's possible.