Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dreadnought assembled

I finished assembling the Dread. It's out of the AoBR box. Now I just need to prime that bad boy and paint him up. Although I was going to add a few bits to it before I painted it. Ooh - just got an idea. There's CF plaques that came with the Drop Pod.
I used the pin vise to bore out the holes in the multi-melta, then used a round file to widen it. Quick and easy. Wish I would thought of that one sooner.


  1. One thing I wished I had done with my two AoBR dreads was to raise the engines using plastic pipes. The AoBR dreads look "short" compared to normal ones because of it.

    My solution on my second dread was to give him a Smoke launcher crown. :)

  2. I think adding a search light also helps giving him some height.

    Since you drilled out the multimelta do not forget the stormbolter for completeness sake.

  3. I've added the end of the barrels of two Melta guns to the Exhaust stacks to raise them to match the normal Dred. No fiddly drilling required

  4. D'oh, I didn't see that. Thanks for the heads up on the stormbolter!