Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Army Update

For the Emperor!! I finished painting the Tactical Squad and the second Rhino. I have also started painting the first half of the second Tactical Squad. I like the new painting instructions. No mixing colors, so once I sit and pick up that brush, I can make pretty good time. I also assembled the Dreadnought, so I made pretty good headway over the last couple of nights. I just got tired last night and didn't have the energy to get the camera out. I'll post some pics tonight or tomorrow.


  1. Pics or it didn't happen. :)

    I tease! Painting in batches with the new method is speeding up your painting? That's good news!

    Any progress on Kantor 2.0?

  2. Yeah, the new process doesn't seem so cumbersome. Kantor - yes. I changed the base, though. But I'm tackling that model one color at a time. There is just so much bling!!! I was going to go with the big base, but I plan to give him an honour guard soon and I didn't want the base to seem mismatched. I should be done with him this week.