Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Books: Rebel Winter

I finished reading Rebel Winter the other day and as Imperial Guard books go, this one's pretty good in my opinion. The story was a little short on plot, mostly sticking to a very simple story with no twists or complex themes. I think it was more to introduce the Vostroyan Firstborn culture in the IG - which it did well. Lots of shooting. Lots of action.


  1. I've yet to pick up any WH40k novels. Are they fast reads? I tend to stick to heavier sci-fi (Gibson, Vinge, Bear, Egan) but for the summer I totally go for the fast moving action packed scifi books like Drake or Sterling (Hammer's Slammers! The General series!). I may have to think about picking up these 40k books to fill that summer reading need!

    As a side note, I totally have my blog up! 2 posts. Let me know what you think! I credit your crimson fist blog with finally pushing me to get it done! I'm excited to finally be up on the webs.

  2. Checked out the blog - looks great!! Keep it coming, Brother.

  3. I'm looking forward to reading this one. I picked it up a few weeks ago. Happy to hear it's worth reading.

    Jeff C.