Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Squad

Here are some pics of 2nd Company's 1st Squad. I used a flash while taking the shot, so they seem a lot brighter than they actually are. The lighting in my basement is horrendous. But, like I've been saying in recent posts, the new process I'm using looks a bit better and the fact that I'm not mixing any colors is speeding up the process. I finished a second Rhino and I'm half way through the 2nd Squad.

The third shot is the model that will represent the sergeant for 2nd Squad. I had a couple of boxes of the MkI and MkII veterans that I was keeping to the side for something later, but after extensive internet research, I think using the models as squad leaders gives each unit it's own distinctive look. I think it also gives a better 'collector's' feel to the army.


  1. Nice neat paint job. Good looking squad.

    Really like the Vet. Sergeant pointing with his power fist.

    - Cadian 127th

  2. Looking pretty good! Now we want to see more! :D

  3. A sharp looking paint job mate. I like the power fist sergeant and the missile launcher marine - very well posed!

  4. The new method is working well - nice work!

  5. It really is! That's a very intimidating squad of Crimson Fists. I love the poses.

    I think I'm going the same route as you with my future Sgts. I have quite a few nifty metals that'll make great sgts...and they'll probably get painted/used more in games that way too.