Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wolves come to Chicago

I made my early morning trek out to the Bunker this morning. One of the staffers was in very early due to a Bloodbowl tournament, so he was kind enough to let me in to pick up the new Codex.

I headed home with a Codex, a box of Wolfguard Terminators and a Wolfpack kit, which was about all my budget can handle this week (damn mortgage!). I've spent most of my down time reading the background section of the codex today, but I did open the boxes to inspect the sprues and I've got to say, I'm going to have blast building these models. During the course of next week, I'll have a working army list and will begin building the models.

I did glance ahead at the list entries and couldn't find any upgrade for twin wolf claws, yet I've seen pictures of Wolf Guard with a pair. Do you have purchase two Wolf Claws individually?


  1. Yes, you have to buy each claw individually. But remember that they get to re-roll either to hit or to wound.

  2. They come individually; look for something like the Wolf Lord's Entry:

    "May replace bolt pistol and/or close combat weapon with...
    Wolf Claw....20 points."

    You just replace both your pistol and CCW with a claw.