Friday, October 2, 2009

Space Wolves - Getting Started

A couple of models arrived in the mail the other day, so I decided to get to work on them right away.

The Wolf Guard required a little bit of work to secure the model to the base. The blister includes a metal terrain base with Ork icons that the model would stand on. The model was cast with a peg under it's right foot which is supposed to fit into the hole drilled through the metal base. But the peg was no where near snug enough to support the weight of the model. So I removed the peg, drilled holes in the bottom of the foot and the base (which had glued to a standard infantry base) all the way through and used some brass rod to secure.

I also received Ulrik the Slayer in the maild, which a single piece assembly (except for the backpack). I glued him to the base and gave him a couple coats of primer. I didn't attach the back pack yet as it would make the wolf cape difficult if not impossible to paint.

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