Friday, October 2, 2009

SG*U Friday

I love Fridays, especially this week! I had an unusually stressful week with work and I'm looking forward to a weekend of non-work. But I'm also excited because the new Stargate series begins tonight. Speaking of which, the beautiful Ming-Na will be part of the cast. Mmm Mmm good.


  1. Very hot indeed! SGU is shaping up to be pretty good...

  2. I recorded the premiere last night and waited for the wife and kids to fall asleep so that I can watch it without interruption.

    I thought it was awesome. It's darker in a Galactica sort of way. I'm going to need to get used to the new characters, but I'll definitely be watching this on a regular basis. It was cool to see the guest spots of the original SG team. Richard Dean Anderson's putting on the weight though. And Amanda Tapping is as hot as ever.

  3. Agree ... good comparison to BSG ... its a much darker feel than any of the previous SG stuff. Pilot was good and yes Ming-Na is a hawtie.