Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Space Wolf Update

I finished building the first Grey Hunters Pack, Njal and the Rhino. For the Grey Hunters I was able to mix generic SM bits along with the new SW stuff with surprising ease. I know GW keeps saying that and so are many of the folks out there building space wolves as well. But experience has taught me is that I’ve got to see it to believe it. Some of the torso or belt bits on the new sprues are awesome and can really dress up a standard SM. I’ll have to post some pics of that experiment. But anyway, back on topic. I was also very successful in giving each model its own look and that’s just at the assembly level. There will of course be more opportunities once the models go under the brush, so I’m looking forward (for once) to actually painting them. I’m already well on my way through the second Grey Hunters Pack.

For the Rhino – again for the first time in a long while, I actually had fun building that too. I have found that I’m starting to look forward to the challenge of making every model unique. I did a couple of things differently than I normally do this time around. I decided to use the ‘gunner-required’ stormbolter instead of the shorter ‘automated’ version. I was going to actually add a gunner, but the hatch cover in the open position would not work. I also angled the smoke launchers to the side just a bit. Nothing major but again, I was looking to change things up a tad. Finally, I added some Space Wolf and fantasy Dwarf bits to make it look a lit more SW-like.


  1. Very cool, Hammer. I love the shields on the rhino! If I had to make one suggestions, I'd offer up adding a few chains or ropes to hold the shields in place (so they don't look bolted on). But that's more detail! It's great as it is.

    Though I'm sad you went over to the wolf, I'm glad to see some progress! Nifty stuff!

  2. I agree with the medieval bits, they look great on the Rhino, especially the battle axe on the front bumper.