Thursday, October 29, 2009

Space Wolf Update #4

I've made a couple of alterations on the list, deciding to drop the Lone Wolf in place of a Dreadnought, deciding (for this phase to drop the Vindicator), and go with a 5 WG in Terminator armour instead of 4 and expanding the Blood Claws to 10 instead of 9.

The main reason that I've dropped the Vindicator for the time being is that nearly every Space Wolf item from FW is backordered, and I wanted the Rhino doors for the tanks (let me know if anyone out there wants to unload any FW Space Wolf stuff - it would be faster than FW).

Anyway, I finished the two Grey Hunters packs, my Blood Claws, Njal, the Rhino and the Dreadnought. I only have the Long Fangs, Wolf Guard and Swift Claws to go. I'm working on painting a test model right now. My first go around will be to use White Primer, and maybe a 50/50 mix of Shadow Grey and Space Wolves Grey as a basecoat and then go from there. I'm curious as to what everyone else is doing.

1 comment:

  1. Solid start, Hammer! Though I think you could do with 1 more hq to really fluff out your list!