Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Space Wolf - 1500 WiP List

I'm working on putting an army list together, so this is very much a work in progress. The list is more based on the models that I currently have on hand more than anything else. I'll add/expand units as models become available. It's also a modified version of Phil Kelly's list over at GW.

Njal Stormcaller w/ runic Terminator Armour

Lone Wolf in Terminator armour and twin Wolf Claws

Wolf Guard Pack
WG in Terminator armour and twin Wolf Claws
WG in Terminator armour, with assault cannon and chainfist
WG in Terminator armour with Thunder hammer and Storm shield
WG in Terminator armour with Powerfist and stormbolter
WG in power armour with Thunder hammer

8 Grey Hunters with melta gun and plasma pistol

8 Grey Hunters with plasma gun, power fist, and Wolf Standard

9 Blood Claws with power weapon

3 Swiftclaw Bikers with melta gun and power fist

6 Long Fangs with 2 heavy bolters, 2 lascannons, and 1 missile launcher

1 Vindicator

1 Rhino (Blood Claws)

Total Points - 1485

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