Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vampire Counts - Quick Update

Last night, I tore myself away from my Space Wolves and finally broke ground on the Vampire Counts army. I've got the first unit of Skeleton Warriors assembled and I should have Mannfred assembled by tomorrow and I've begun work on the Grave Guard. I still need to take a closer look at the Blood Knights. I usually examine all of the components of a kit to see what I've got to work with so there's no surprises. I also need a couple more boxes of Skeletons, which I'll pick up this weekend.

The skeletons were surprisingly easy to assemble despite their fragile look. There wasn't much in the way of mold lines or flash and there's a vast array of bits left over that can be used for terrain or other models.

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  1. I do like the vampire counts range; I bought some grave guard to use as lesser daemons a while back and they work nicely. Some of the more fragile looking ones I do find fiddlesome to assemble though.