Monday, July 6, 2009

Planetstrike has arrived!

I picked up my copy of Planetstrike at the Bunker on Saturday. I also had enough money left over on the gift card that I got from my folks, so I grabbed an Imperial Bastion and a box of the Aegis Defense Lines. The staffers were in the process of working on some of the kits so I took the liberty of checking them out. The assembled models are pretty cool and the defense line are easy to deal with. Some black prime and dry brush and you're all set (if you're the no frills paineter like me). But what I DO like the most about GW's latest series of kits is that I can once again relive me childhood and repel countless alien incursion behind my fortified bunkers and defense lines. Payday I'm heading out to pick the landing pad and some more defense lines.

As for the book, all I had time for this weekend was to thumb through the artwork - but the best part was detailed army list that can be used in re-enacting the battle for Rynn's World. While I like the detailed history of the Ultramarines, it was really great to see another chapter highlighted for a change. I really miss my Crimson Fists now that I've seen the books. Who knows maybe some day I'll start them again.

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