Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Battle Report - Archives: Raptors v. Tau

Here's some pics of my Raptors battling it out with a Tau Cadre. I got together with a buddy (GW staffer) to throw down for a 2,000 point battle. My Raptors, after a cautious advance ended up coming out on the bottom of this scrap.

The highlights for my force were taking out the enemy commander after he jumped in behind my lines and wasted my Predator in the 2nd turn and my Terminator Squad teleporting in and opening up on a squad of Fire Warriors that had just disembarked. But all in all it was a fun game. Here are some pics.


  1. Nice pics! Looks like there was a lot of action! Anything you learned about your raptors? Any list improvements you can see in the future?

  2. yeah, my dice rolling sucks! LOL! Not sure if I'm ready to make changes other than dropping the scouts and the Landspeeder for another combat squad.

    I need to get a few more games in first.