Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crimson Fists Reborn - The Plan

Yesterday on my lunch hour, I sat down and scribbled out a 500-point list. Will I play the list? Probably not, but for the sake of my sanity and to maintain a level of organization, I'm going to go into that way. I'm also going to set deadlines for the various stages in the project.

Here's the list:

* Captain (power fist, bolter, hellfire rounds)
* Tactical Squad “Antheo” [10] power fist, missile launcher, flamer
* Tactical Squad “Haleos” [5] plasma pistol
* Predator “Righteous Blade” – autocannon, h/k missile, heavy bolter sponsons

Total = 495

I bought a Tactical Squad box on the way home yesterday and started working on Squad Antheo last night. The captain will be the limited edition veteran w/ bolter and power fist. I have enough bits to assembled Squad Haleos but I will have to pick up a Predator. My goal is to finish building the list by Saturday night. I'll start posting regular pics of my progress. I'm sure everyone's sick of looking at the GW art. I know I am.


  1. Hey - Where do you play typically? I am at about the 500 point level w/ my IG, so I was thinking if you wanted to do a game for a dual battle report, maybe we can hook up at one of the area stores (Bunker, Games Plus, etc...).

  2. I work in Lisle off I88, so I'm five minutes from the Bunker. I usually play there anyway.

    I wouldn't mind a short game to get things rolling.

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  4. Sorry - I hit the button before finishing.

    I can do the Bunker if I plan ahead (work in Northbrook). How does July 29th look? Figure the extra time gives me a chance to square away a few things with my IG as well.

  5. I think that this is the way I should have gone with my Guard rather than getting overwhelmed like I have.

    Looking forward to seeing the pics of this force as it grows. Any idea on how many points your going up to? Or is it going to be the story of the Crimson Fist's rebuilding their forces after Rynn's World?

    Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  6. Equinox, let me check and see what's going on for that week. I coach my daughter's softball team and we're in tournament season. But yeah, I'd rather plan in advance. So we can still do this.

    Courtney - I'm going to re-build the Chapter after Rynn's World, but the plan is to collect a full chapter. I know it'll be a long road, but they would really be a story to tell.

  7. No worries - Just shot me an email ( and we can work out a date. Until the end of August, Mondays thru Wednesdays work best for me.

  8. The hellfire rounds are a good idea at that point level, incase someone brings a carnifex :D


  9. Sounds about right - post-monastery disaster, the Fist's apparently were down to a level that disbandment would be considered or so the near-constant reference would go. So, probably little more than two companies or so. This is based on information from the Soul Drinker novels, RT, and White Dwarf's "recent" coverage of the Fists and the Rynn's World campaign(s).