Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back by Popular Demand

Okay, everyone's comments have motivated me enough to start anew. I'm going to start another Crimson Fist army. But this time, so as not to overwhelm myself, I'll dothis Escalation style. 500 points at a time AND not get ahead of myself. I'll sketch out an army list and then go shopping.

I'll use Planetstrike as a guide. But Kantor's remaining forces as outlined in the book were the remnants of the chapter after the destruction of their Fortress Monastery but before the Battle of New Rynn City. I wonder what the chapter's numbers were after the battle. Anyone know?

Anyway, off to create a goal sheet and army list.


  1. Brilliant, that's the right choice my friend, you have to have your heart in these plastic critters to commit so much time (and cash) to the cause! Ha, you can always keep the Raptors as an Allied force.

  2. Excellent news indeed!

    As for the question about after the battles on Rynn's World; The current phluff doesn't state specifics but hopefully we'll get some new insights in the Rynn's world omnibus from Black Library in Feb. 2010.

  3. I recently started collecting the Crimson Fists myself (Templars being my first 40k army) and I have really enjoyed it so far. I think it's a very good idea to work in 500pt blocks. I started my army with the contents of the Assault on Black Reach box which is great value; if you don't collect Orks you can sell or trade them. Even when not counting the Orks you get 10 tac marines, 5 termies, a captain and a dreadnought. Bought seperately they alone cost more than the AOBR box! I followed that with the Battleforce Box (great for filling out troops) and a squad of sniper scouts (since the Crimson Fists are rebuilding themeselves) and finally Senor Pedro (how could one NOT have him in the army?). And that is that, I am not allowing myself anymore; they come to c.1500pts and that's where they stay!
    Gosh that's a long reply, sorry!
    Keep up the good work!