Sunday, August 2, 2009

Antheo's Men

So I'm a couple of days behind. Anyway, I finished four more marines for Tactical Squad I (Squad Antheo). This time around, I had a real hard time with the chapter badge. Which is what really tied me up. I had finished painting them Friday night as scheduled, but I couldn't get the creases or bubbles out no matter how much Microsol I used. I think I'm going to order the CF shoulder guards online - it'll make things move along faster.

To mask some of the mistakes, I applied a little Boltgun Metal to represent battle damage. I'll go back and dirty some of the models up a bit to make them look battle worn.
I'm priming the predator right now as well as the other five marine from Squad I, so again, I'm shooting to finishing by this weekend coming up.


  1. I can recommend the molded CF/IF shoulder pads, I use then on all of my models.

    When you go to order you should ask GW if they were honor the old 20 for $20 deal. It looks like they only have the conversion pad in the online store, which only comes with 5 pads.

    There are 3 or 4 different fist sculpts all in all and while not perfect in every situation, I can definitely recommend.

    I'll try to photograph the various pads as an example and send a link.

  2. Here is a photo of the different Fists shoulder pads that are/were available.

    Fists shoulder pads

  3. These guys look good, well done! The gray bases are simple, but really effective. I'm so used to seeing brown and green that the gray really stand out. On a squad of DA I used embossed shoulder pads too, and though they seemed slightly smaller than standard, they looked great.

  4. I ended up doing the exact same thing for my CF. Battle damage to cover the decal problems. Next time I might try soaking them in microsol instead of hot water. Will be something to try on my new Sternguard.

  5. Ooh, let me know how that works out.

    Hey all, thanks for all of the tips and positive feedback. It keeps me motivated.