Friday, August 7, 2009

High Elf List - 1k

Okay, Here's my working list right now. I came up with this one on my lunch hour in my car. I have to re-acquiant myself with the WFB rule set, which I'll be doing during the whole modelling process. Feedback appreciated.

Mage - lvl 2, elven steed
Mage - lvl 2, dispel scroll (x2)
15 Spearmen - full cmd
10 Archers - light armor
10 Swordmasters of Hoeth - full cmd
5 Silver Helms - shields

997 points

So far, the Spearmen, Swordmasters, RBT, and Archers are assembled. I've got to get the two heroes built as well as the Silverhelms. For those of you who are wondering - my High Elves were a project that I had started some time ago, but got distracted and let them fall by the way side. The nice thing about returning to this army is that I have enough boxed stuff to keep this army growing for the next year or so.

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