Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Review - One Hate

I finally got around to reading the Crimson Fist short story in Heroes of the Space Marines. There's nothing like reading stories about the army that you're collecting to motivate you. Though the story was short on action, it did give some interesting insight on the chapter and allowed for the introduction of several characters, inlcuding the grizzled old scout sergeant (which is the counterpart to Sgt Telion of the Ultramarines).

While not without it's contradictions, I really enjoyed it. If you haven't already, I'd give this one a read. It provides some detail on the background of the chapter as it exists today (post Rynn's World campaign).


  1. Hmmm that does sound interesting. I always like reading the background as it always makes the colelcting/painting/gaming more enjoyable. For example my Dark Elves were rather neglected til I read Malekith (The Time of Legends series) and suddenly I was writing lots of army lists and playing lots of games with them.
    What are the other short stories like?
    I'm looking forward to 'Rynn's World' by Steve Parker which Black Library should be publishing next February.

  2. I read a few more of them and there was a great Imperial Fist story and Salamanders story.

    Lookin' forward to the Rynn's World book.

  3. The only danger is that when I read a good story about an army I don't collect I end up wanting to collect it!