Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If I had a million dollars......

The Illinois State Lottery is currently at 124 Million and for the first time, I'm figuring, why not? I'll throw $10 down on some tickets. The worst that could happen is I can be $10 in the hole, right? BUT.........if I win, this would be the first thing that I bought (after I post bail for running naked in the street 'cause I won the lottery). I would then quit me job and buy a house that had a room dedicated to nothing but gaming. Neither the wife nor the kids would be allowed to enter

But then again, I'd need the winnings to stay in this hobby. By the way, I swiped the picture from Berk's Warhammer Blog. Sorry.


  1. I often dream of winning my state's lottery. One thing I would do is set up something like the X Prize Challenge, but for miniatures game design. Not the most humanitarian, sure, but it'd be cool...

  2. We used to play the if I had a million dollars game on long trips in the cars, these days a million seems like it is not hardly enough.

    Well, good luck I hope you get it.

    If you win, you should think of letting the kids in the mancave when they are old enough, but the wife has no business in there.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. That's OK about the picture dude. I swiped it from The Stuff of Legends (http://www.sodemons.com/gwmuseum/) .

    Stealing is appealling.

    My suggestion is to snore REALLY loud. If you snore loud and your wife is a light sleeper you will get your own bedroom!

  4. The trouble with state lotteries is that your chances of winning with a $10 bet are not appreciably higher than with a $0 bet. :)