Sunday, January 4, 2009


Don't panic everyone, this is still first and foremost a 40k Crimson Fist blog, but I just wanted to share a little side thing that I have going on, or hope to have going on a small scale.

I've always been a fan of the Privateer Press and their line of tabletop wargames, Warrmachine and Hordes. Further, I'm most impressed with the sculpts, the cleanliness of the models and their customer support. They also publish a bi-monthly magazine that is absolutely full of kick-ass models, battle reports, modelling articles and background information on the Warmachine Universe.

So I thought this being the season for resolutions, I've decided to promise myself that before the year's out, I will learn to play Warmachine and Hordes. I've acquired and built three models just for starters: Major Markus 'Siege' Brisbane, a Stormclad Heavy Warjack and a mercenary Ogrun Bokur. I have assembled the models and they are ready for priming. But I'd like to learn the game and get one in soon. If anyone in the Chicago area can tell me where there are any Warmachine gamers, I'd appreciate a quick lesson.

Once I get these models painted, I'm going to build toward a Storm Knights of the 16th Infantry Battalion collection as seen in No Quarter #9.

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