Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rhino was his name-o!

Rhino 1 is complete and as I like to call it, 'Table Ready'. I don't know about most gamers, but my definition (at least regarding my personal armies) of 'Table Ready', is a completely painted and based model.

Anyway, Squad Ramos' transport is ready for deployment after a rather chaotic decal session. It was disaster, gang. I gathered all of my materials to apply the decals that I wanted and even cut out all of the ones that I was going to use ahead of time. I had my tweezers, my water, paper towels - everything laid out. Well, one wrong move tipped over the bottle of Micro Sol onto most of the decals, which resulted in a stream of obscenities that I'm glad my kids weren't around to hear. I was then forced to hurry the job to salvage the decals. In the end (and a half bottle of Micro Sol later), I finished the Rhino.

Painting the Red Arrow - I was able to find the template in a older issue of White Dwarf, which I copied, cut out and traced onto the roof with a pencil. Except for touch ups, it went pretty well. I painted it Mechrite Red.

Last night, I decided to prime Master Pedro Kantor, so he's ready for painting and three models from Squad Tobias are now built. See ya all soon.

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