Sunday, January 11, 2009

Squad Tobias - Assembled...

Sorry about the delay in posts. This half of the week going into the weekend got busy. My oldest daughter turned 11 this weekend, so there was too much to do for the party, I had no time to post, but...I did find time (albeit in the wee wee hours of the morning)to work on my Crimson Fists. So, here's what I got done:

Tactical Squad 2 is assembled and ready for painting. Rhino 2 is built and primed and Tactical Squad three 80% assembled. I'm hoping to start assembly of the Whirlwind this evening. By the next weekend coming up I will have a 1,000 pt army that I can at least play a game with even though it won't be completely painted. I did promise myself NOT to add to the force until everything was painted.


  1. Nice poses and progress, Hammer! I might have missed your 1000point goal. Is it Pedro Kantor, 3 Tacticals and Whirlwind?

    I hope you add a Sternguard in there! That's when Pedro really shines. :)

  2. Thanks! Yeah, the goal is three tactical squads (2 10-man and 1 5-man), a 5-man assault squad and Kantor.

    Those sternguard are sweet and I have some waiting in the wings, with a dread and other stuff, just trying to be systematic and stay on task.

  3. Great poses, and good work on getting your goals accomplished. Can't wait to see some more.