Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Update - New Additions!

It's time to start planning for my next 5oo points. I'm definitely going with a 5-man squad of Sternguard Veterans because just face it, these models are just too cool. Not to mention the added bonus of making this unit a scoring unit in the presence of Master Kantor. Any other suggestions?

The pic above is not my work, but I thought it a nice touch to show the examples in CF colors instead of Ultramarine Blue.


  1. Get what you like! My 1500 point list has 2 dreads. I love the way dreads look and I figure an understrength chapter would use Old Warriors to train the new ones.

    The stern guard are nice though! I might consider some more fast attack? Maybe a landspeeder if you like that model?

  2. The Sternguard need a ride. Maybe a razorback if you plan on only using 5. Landspeeders are really handy in the new rules for objective denial. Not as good as skimmer tanks, though. I like the multimelta and heavy flamer combination. You have a weapon useful for most enemies and you will probably only want to shot one of the two per round so your movement is not hurt.

    What does your list look like now?

  3. A razorback and a Dread - excellent.

    The army as of now is
    Tac Squad w/ pf, missile launcher, melta, rhino
    Tac Squad w/ pf, missile launcher, flamer, rhino
    Tac Squad 5# w/ bolters
    Assault Squad 5# pf, flamer