Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tactical Squad 1

I have begun work on my first thousand points of Crimson Fists. The initial list will consist of:
  • HQ - Pedro Kantor
  • Tactical Squad (10) - sgt (pf, plasma pistol), m/l, melta gun, rhino
  • Tactical Squad (10) - sgt (pf, bolt pistol), m/l, flamer, rhino
  • Tactical Squad (5) - sgt (bolter)
  • Assault Squad (5) - sgt (pf, plasma pistol, flamer)
  • Whirlwind - stormbolter

At this point, I have assembled Pedro Kantor and all of Tactical Squad 1. The next step is to prime and paint these, while I begin assembly on the transports and second tactical squad. I'm hoping to complete this first phase relatively quickly and then push on to the next phase, which would be 1,500 points.

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