Saturday, December 27, 2008

Background - Part I: Chapter History

Seeing as how this blog is dedicated in large part to my Crimson Fists project, I thought it fitting to post some of the history surrounding the chapter for anyone not familiar with this noble chapter. This is taken from official Imperial records.

The Crimson Fists origins lay in the aftermath of the Horus Heresy. When Roboute Guilliman presented the Codex Astartes, Rogal Dorn (Primarch of the Imperial Fists Legion) was vehemently against it. Rogal Dorn saw the break up of the Legions as an insult ot his honor, after all it was Dorn and the Imerial Fists, not Guilliman and his Ultramarines, who stood beside the Emperor at the defense of Terra. The matter came to a head when the Terrible Angel, an Imperial Fist Strike Cruiser, was fired on by the Imperial Navy. Famous for his temper and stubbornness Dorn proved a noble leader when he relented rather than plunge the Imperium into another civil war. The die hard followers of Dorn kept the uniform and title of the Imperial Fists, while the more zealous battle brothers took on the name the Black Templars. The newly initiated and youngest brethren of the Imperial Fists however were formed into a new chapter named the Crimson Fists.

Each of the new Chapters was given a single Battle Barge, a number of Strike Cruisers and Rapid Strike Vessels and departed to make their mark on the Galaxy. While the Black Templars became a force of zealouts and crusaders, sailing across the stars on unending quests of conquest and vengeance the Crimson Fists exemplified the teachings of Dorn, carving their way into the annals of the Imperium. The Crimson Fists first Chapter Master Alexis Polux did almost as much to mould the character of the newly formed Chapter as the legacy of Rogal Dorn did.

Alexis Polux remained the Chapter Master for eight centuries until he fell in battle in an unnamed system codified HR8518. The system was occupied by the previously unencountered xenos now known as the Scythians. The vile aliens made use of repulsive venom based weaponry, and a dart from one such poisoned weapon pierced the temple of Alexis Polux and brought him low. Polux fought the toxin for many days before he finally went to stand at the side of the Emperor, but before he passed he instructed his warriors well. After Polux's death the Crimson Fists enacted his plan and the Scythians were driven from the system in a short but very brutal xenocidal campaign. The Scythians suffered such a defeat that they now rarely engage Imperial forces openly and rely on assassinations and covert strikes instead.

Check back soon for Part II - The Rynn's World Incident

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