Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It Begins

Welcome to Kantor Base. I’ve started this blog for several reasons. First, to document and share my latest experiences with my newest Space Marine project (I’m kind of a Space Marine fanatic): Crimson Fists. Second, I’m hoping this blog will help discipline me enough to actually complete, play and add to a project. If any of you are like me, I have dozens of partially completed projects in my work room. I’m hoping this phased approach to collecting will make me a better hobbyist.

The inspiration for this particular project came from White Dwarf’s most recent series of articles entitled ‘A Tale of Four Gamers’. One of the GW staffers (Neil Hodgson) collected a Crimson Fist army which was simply, but very nicely painted. A monthly phased approach shows Neil’s army progress to a nice, completely painted collection. It’s funny how someone else’s cool stuff can motivate you to paint your own stuff. Now, I carry those White Dwarf issues with me when I paint. The only danger is that my stuff may not look as nicely as Neil’s. A third bit of inspiration came from a manager at one of the local GW stores who has collected nearly the entire chapter of Ultramarines. Now how frikkin’ cool is that?! To have an entire army displayed in your basement or study! Nice!

Finally, the best (and most practical) reason for me to collect a Crimson Fist army is the story behind the chapter. They are a chapter on the mend, meaning that the entire chapter was nearly wiped out when their fortress monastery exploded on Rynn’s World. They have since begun re-building, which fits perfectly into my budget.

In the days, weeks, months and hopefully years that follow, I’ll post my progress to this blog and see my collection grow and perhaps maybe motivate other fellow gamers. Now, I doubt the posts will be daily – I’ve got a wife and three daughters that tend to be a bit high maintenance, but we all have our crosses to bear so I won’t bore anyone with my home life…much. Anyway, check back soon.


  1. Good luck on the Crimson Fists! I'm a big fan of their look and history as well...so I've recently started my own CF army.

    This army started off as a bet with my friend...who can paint 1500 points fastest...hopefully it'll expand into a full fledged chapter army!

  2. I'm making pretty good progress. Good Luck! I'd like to see some pics, if you can.

  3. The Hammer,


    A mix of my CF WIP. I've done a bunch more I need to upload. I'll be happy to share when I get them up! Crimson Fists are awesome!