Monday, November 22, 2010

Blood Angels - Revised List

I sat down and took a look at my current list and on the advice of one of our fellow gamers, I decided to tinker with the list a bit. After a few modifications and a quick look at my inventory of current models, I was able to expand to 1,000 points and beef up the Assault Squad. So, let me know what you think:

Captain w/ storm shield, power weapon, bolt pistol (Master of the Watch) - 130

Tac Squad (10) w/ multi-melta, flamer - 170
Tac Squad (10) w/ missile launcher, melta gun - 175
Assault Squad (10) w/ plasma pistol, power weapon, melta gun x2 in Rhino - 205

Sanguinary Priest - 50

Baal Predator w/ twin-linked assault cannon, heavy bolter sponsons - 145

Dreadnought w/ multi-melta, close combat arm, stormbolter - 105

Total - 980 points

I'll pack the Assault Squad in the Rhino as it is 'Fast' and can still get me into assault range fairly quickly with some protection and I'll attach the captain and sanguinary priest to each of the tactical squads. Future plans would include an Honour Guard, Mephiston, an LR, Death Company and some Terminators (Assault), and Rhinos for the tactical squads. The goal is to collect the 2nd Company with supporting units like scouts and termies.

1 comment:

  1. The captain is OK, but the storm shield prevents him from getting bonus attacks from his power weapon. For that reason I'd upgrade the power weapon to a powerfist or thunder hammer.

    Personally I'd leave the storm shield at home as his high initiative is one of his best features.

    If you want to use that high initiative effectively then a power sword is a great choice, but you are losing an attack because of the storm shield.

    I don't think it is worthwhile to lose an attack and pay 15 points just for a 3++ save instead of the 4++ he comes with in his basic kit, (iron halo).