Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dark Eldar...WOW!!!

I sat down last night, while watching 'My Wife and Kids' re-runs and got around to opening the box of Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors that I bought over the weekend. For the record, I also grabbed the Codex and a box of Reavers. The kit came with two sprues, which are nearly identical, but the second has the Sybarite special weapon options.

The models were nicely sculpted and I was fortunate to have a box that had very little in the way of mold lines. As far as assembly goes, it's been some time since I've built anything other than marines, so I had to actually look at the directions. was pretty simple and parts fit together nicely.

Here's a pic of my first Dark Eldar model. I'm going to work through a 1k list tonight and get that posted for comments/suggestions. So yeah, these models are pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to getting the army going.

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  1. Damn that is one of the best poses I have seen yet. That dude is a standard trooper right?