Friday, November 19, 2010

Blood Angels Starter List - 950 pts.

Here's a stab at a Blood Angels list, based on what I have on hand at the moment:

Captain w/ storm shield, power weapon (Master of the Watch) - 130

Tac Squad (10) w/ flamer, multi-melta - 170

Tac Squad (10) w/ missile launcher, melta gun - 175

Assault Squad (5) w/ power weapon, plasma gun (sgt) - 130

Sanguinary Priest w/ jump pack - 75

Baal Predator w/ twin-linked assault cannon, heavy bolters - 145

Dreadnought w/ multi-melta, stormbolter - 105

Total: 930 pts

I have no transports at this time, so the plan is to attach the captain to one of the tactical squads and the sanguinary priest to the assault squad, so as not to be able to be targeted.

It's been some time since I've played, so this list, as I said is based solely on what I have lying around the house (due to budget constraints), and also, it's designed to help refamiliarize myself with the rules. Man, I miss playing.


  1. If you're just going to test some things out, I'd make those Tac squads Assault Squads. They're aren't much more expensive but are much, much better than. You'll lose the MM and Rocket, but you'll have 2 Meltaguns in each squad and lots more killing power in CC.

    Put the Captain with one, the Priest with the other. Just my two cents, bro. Good luck and welcome to the family (of Sanguinius)!

  2. thanks for the tip. i'm eventually going to pile on the assault squads, some with jump packs, some without. i saw a couple of lists out there that used them quite effectively as you said.