Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blood Angels - Second Wave?!

Just received the latest email newsletter from Games Workshop and it looks like February will see more new 'never-before-seen' models for the Sons of Sanguinius. Not sure what they could be, after reviewing the codex, but can anyone say "Stormraven"? I don't know what the rumor mill is reporting, but I'm personally hoping for maybe plastic Honour Guard, Sanguinary Priests and maybe a new Blood Angel specific dreadnought kit.

The image above has been floating around on the internet and it's sure to be one of the new kits. I, for one can't wait for Februrary! I better kick it in to high gear and get my force completed!


  1. Please tell me that is not the stormraven! It looks more like a "storm-chicken"! That model is fugly...I dare say it's the worst model that they've produced.

  2. Just as I am coming to the end of a manic conversions mission! Why, why GW would you stab me in the back by releasing more wonderful miniatures.

    I'll have no money left at this rate!