Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ultramarines Movie Review

My Ultramarines DVD set arrived yesterday and needless to say, I couldn't get the kids to bed fast enough. My only obstacle was that my wife was home and she'd want to watch some non-violent and unmanly movie. Thankfully that didn't happen. As luck would have it, mMy bride fell asleep with the kids. But I digress.

As I post this, there are countless detailed reviews out there on the internet, I'll keep mine short and simple. I'm not one for mincing about small deviations from the 40k mythos. All I want to see is a decent story, ass-kicking effects and senseless violence. Well, I wasn't disappointed. While I don't believe that Ultramarines will be receiving any nominations from the Academy, I thought it was a great movie. To see one of my favorite games brought to film was like a dream come true. I found it contained a good mix of story and action. I recommend it for all of those fans out there that aren't too hung up on details.


  1. Coolness. I agree, don't get too hung up on minor details. As long as they're not fighting for the immortal Strawberry Cupcake of Mankind using wet noodles and Glock 9's, I'm OK if their shoulder trim is the wrong shade or a cable is in the wrong spot.

  2. I also enjoyed it. They did an excellent job of keeping the scope of the story small while paying attention to the details of the 40k universe. I hope this leads to future 40k movies!

  3. Have a look at the new Ultramarines Widget