Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Project - High Elves Revisited

Some time ago (last year), I had been working on a High Elf army for Warhammer Fantasy. I had many of the models built, but not painted. I had even played a game with them with John at Plastic Legions. But alas, I got side tracked with other things (life, new job, school, wife, kids, bills, families,......). So I packed the models up and put them away.

Well now, I'd like to step back into fantasy on at least a small scale and so I've decided that going back to my High Elves would be the quickest way. I've created a 1,000 point list and have pretty much every model needed for that list. So, I'll take up the brush and get the army painted soon (I've got three weeks left of do the kids).

Pulling out the High Elves will also serve another purpose - prevent me from purchasing more stuff from GW. I've got plenty to do at home. I don't need to be spending a ton of cash on projects that I may never start. At least until I'm done with the current.

Here's the list for review:
  • Noble on barded steed w/ heavy armour, shield, Sword of Might

  • Mage (lvl2) with Dispel Scroll x2

  • 15 Spearmen with full command

  • 10 Spearmen with full command

  • 10 Archers

  • 10 Archers

  • 5 Silver Helms

  • 1 Repeater Bolt Thrower

997 points

Suggestions and Comments welcome.


  1. I like it. It may be overkill having 2 dispel scrolls at this level, but I defer to personal preference.

    Seeing as this list can be done entirely in plastic, all I have to do is not follow your example, and stop myself picking up 1000pts of High Elves myself :)

  2. Nice orderly list. I dig it. My only suggestion is give the 10 Spear unit a guard look. I always dig units that look elite somewhere in the army. It just looks more cinematographic with a "core" of regulars that don't look so regular.

    Hmm. I may have just confused myself.