Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Huh? New Race????

Bell of Lost Souls is reporting the possibility of a new race in Warhammer? Wouldn't that be cool? I for one hope that this rumor becomes fact. I hope it's a full blown race with it's own codex/army book. Not some obscure servant race like the Kroot or that other alien species in the Tau Codex. Which ever game system carries, I think this is exactly what Fantasy and 40k need. A breath of fresh air. A whole new army and not just different ways to play the old ones. Don't get me wrong, the existing ones are great. But something new and different? Nice.

Personally, I hope it's a 40k race. I think introducing a new race into that system is easier. It's a big universe. Introducing it into the Olde World of the Fantasy system would be tough, as we're dealing with a single world. But we'll see if it becomes a reality.


  1. they managed it with Ogre Kingdoms though! I agree though its easier to throw a new race at 40k

    Craig @ cadian8th

  2. I'm praying for Ad Mech. Dark Mech 'Ere WE Go!!!

  3. Squats,.... please!

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  4. The new race is from the Halo Stars, I betcha. The recent rumblings about the Halo Stars in the new Rogue Trader RPG and the frequent mentionings (look at 5th) makes me think this.

  5. I would actually be irritated if they released another fantasy army. They have 15 official fantasy armies and only 12 official 40k armies.